What is Cutoutcow?

Cutoutcow is an online image editing platform for online retailers, eCommerce businesses, photographers and other image lovers. We add value to your sales-process and enable you to sell more with amazing images and make sure budgets are not waisted. For online retailers, photographer and manufacturer with an online presence, this is your place to be! Upload your photos through our custom platform and within 24 hours or less your results are ready to go, independent of capacity and complexity! We’ve integrated a seaming less workflow so you can focus more on what you do best, an outsourcing model to that upgrades your business in a cost effective way!

How does it work?

Easy as pie. First create an account. Once you’re logged in, place your free order by selecting images manually or by drag and drop. After you uploaded your images, select some output settings and you’re done. Hit the submit button and we’ll get to work on your images. In the meantime, we’ll keep you posted on the progress, always within 24 hours, and rest a sure, once we’re done, we’ll let you know.

How can I create an account?

On top of every page you can click on the LOG IN button. If your a first time user, you’ll be able to create your account through filling in your email and choosing a password or by logging in through one of your social media accounts. If you choose to login manually, we’ll send you a confirmation email to verify your account creation. Confirm your account by clicking the link and you are done. Ready to upload some free test images.

How can I access my personal account-page?

On top every page, in the header, click the LOG IN button, fill in your credentials manually or use your social log in credentials and you’re good to go.

I'm logged in. What's next?

Upload images, what else! But seriously, just follow the instructions on your screen and click all buttons you’ll come across, we’re sure you know what to do. First things first, locate the Start Uploading button on your home screen and you’re off! First time user can upload 3 free images, no payment information required and certainly no strings attached.

More specific, you can use the left side navigation to explore different sections. For instance; access your images database, place and configure new image orders, review and revise past orders, generate your invoices and even setup a secured connection with your eCommerce platform of choice.

How to place a new image order?

After you’re logged in you can either place a new image order by clicking the Start Uploading button on the home page, or you use the left side navigation to navigate to Orders > New.  You can now manually upload images by locating the image folder on your device or drag and drop images directly. Select your image output settings and payment method of your choice and hit the Submit button. You will receive a confirmation email letting you know that we gone to work on your photos and results will be at your disposal within 24 hours.

What kind of image-files do you use?

Our platform is able to receive the following extensions:

JPG (jpg, jpeg) PNG (png) PSD (psd) TIF (tif, tiff)

But if you would like to receive other output, please feel free to ask. (almost) everything else is possible.

What possibilities do I have when I want my pictures retouched?

Anything is possible, but we like to keep it simple. What 95% of all web shops prefer is your picture placed against a white(or any other color) background. Next to that we center your product in the frame and we zoom your product with a margin of 5% against the frame. If we feel that the lighting can be better we will re-touch this for you as well. This will be done by our own insight, on what we feel is a professional product-image. We deliver your pictures back as .jpeg(file with white background), .png(file without any background) as a standard. Any other output is possible

Other options are things like:

Background removal Image cut-out Invisible mannequin Ghost mannequin Retouching Color adjustment Wrinkle removement Product shadow Product reflection Image watermark Product alignment Image cropping Image reconstruction eCommerce optimization 360 spins°

What is the turn-around time for my pictures?

We strive to process your order within 24 hours. This means that approximately 95% of all orders are processed within this time. Normally we only exceed this time, when we or you have additional questions or requests. Or, if the images you provide are of poor quality.

How do I pay?

For on-the-fly-orders a wide variety of payment methods are provided:

PayPal VISA American Express MasterCard Maestro Bitcoins Sofort Bancontact Mister Cash

For enterprise customers we provide discount rates and monthly billing. See both our pricing page or contact us for a custom quotation.

How is the processing of the images done?

High end picture enhancement is still being done manually. And that is exactly what we do. We use Adobe Photoshop for all the work on your pictures.

How are you able to process so many pictures within 24 hours?

We cannot do this alone. We work together with several partners. We as cutoutcow keep overview on orders being processed. As a gatekeeper we feel responsible also for our partners and always try to keep our corporate responsibility. This means that we try to make sure that all our partners use legal version of Photoshop. That work is only done by adults who had the proper training, and that local conditions are good. We keep an eye on the environment, and contribute to local projects.

Another question? Get in contact